Cross and Flame


Four Churches. One Site. One God.

Beginning in 1856 when the 36-member German evangelical church became known as the Kohl Busch Kirche, there has been a worshiping congregation at the corner of Jackson Road and Bremen Highway. A structure that measured just 32'x36', the church was a simple building of popular siding and oak shingles.

When a storm destroyed the first church in 1886, members used the same foundation and framework and completed the "new" church with a new roof and siding. Changes were also made to the entrance and windows, and this church was dedicated in 1887.

In 1905, a brick church was built. The 1887 church was moved to the northwest corner of Jackson Road and Bremen Highway. The new church was 56'x41' and had a bell tower containing a 1,200-pound bell. Total cost: $6,000. There were 50 members of the Coalbush Evangelical Church at the time it was dedicated. In 1946, with the merger of the Evangelical and United Brethren Churches, Coalbush became known as Coalbush Evangelical United Brethren Church.

In 1950, a basement for a new church was begun south of the brick church, with a tunnel connecting the two structures. The basement phase cost $50,000. The upper portion of the limestone church was begun in June 1958 and completed in August 1959 at a cost of about $225,000. In 1968, the Methodist Church merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church and out church is now known as Coalbush United Methodist Church.

The first phase of a two-story expansion of the current building was dedicated on February 26,2006. The addition houses offices, classrooms and a large multi-purpose room. An elevator allows access to all three floors of the original building and the two floors that have been added.

Through four buildings on one corner, there has always been one God. And as we look ahead to phase two of our building expansion, we look back on our forefathers (and mothers) who stepped out in faith and say "thank you" for their part in expanding God's kingdom.

For a complete history of Coalbush and a delightful photo montage of where we've been, download a copy of Coalbush Church 1848-1998, Commemorating 150 Years