Cross and Flame


Our Vision for Children

To introduce children to the love of God in Jesus Christ at the earliest possible age.

To help children know and appreciate the presence of God in their lives.

Our facilities include child-safe, children's rooms and equipment.

We have vital children's Ministry programs in place with Sunday School, Christian Preschool, Vacation Bible School, and a variety of parental activities.

Our Vision for Teens

To offer teens a place to belong

To foster life-changing relationships with Christ.

To equip teens to live with faith and integrity at all times.

We have a vibrant group of young people at Coalbush Church. They meet together as Christian teens who are faced with pressures and temptations of the modern world. they make use of their new indoor space - and our ample outside facilities - for their learning and recreation times.

Our Vision for Seniors

To empower Senior Adults with a renewed heart for ministries.

To help Senior Adults utilize their continuing potential for service and care for others.

This group has always been the backbone of our community of faith. their wisdom and perspective have helped guide us through good times and bad. With the completion of phase one of our expansion, we are pleased to be able to offer accessibility to all areas of our building to make it easier for them to socialize, fellowship together, exercise and learn more about their health. We also offer classes and information about caring for loved ones, and how to attain and maintain financial security.

Our Vision for Young Adults

To help Young Adults become established in their faith and lives.

To help Young Adults solidify the connection between faith, work, and life.

Our Vision for Families

To help Families become established in their faith and life.

To equip parents to be able to raise children of integrity and selflessness in a Christian home.

We reach out to families to help them meet together and understand what it means to have faith - and to help provide the tools to raise their children in the Christian faith. We do this in small and large group settings, and also make use the our Family Life Center - a multi -purpose "gym" facility.

Our Vision for Adults

To help them deal with life issues through the prism of their faith.

To provide opportunities to be in ministry in the Coalbush Church, throughout our community, and beyond.

We are a community of diversity - a community that seeks opportunities to strengthen its relationship with spouses, children, parents and friends through classes, discussion, meals and recreation within a Christian context.

Our Vision for Outreach and Missions

To provide opportunities for people to share the love of God with others.

To provide forums for people to interact and develop relationships with others.

Our Vision for Our Facilities

To have a first class facility that enhances and compliments our outreach and ministry

To have a first class facility that meets the spiritual and physical needs of those who utilize it.